Cinnamon (Kurundu):
The Dutsch started the cinnamon industy in Sri Lanka, and even today the island is the biggest producer of this, the most delicately scented of spices, which is used in curries and rice dishes.

Cardamom (Enasal):
Cardamom is an excellent in moderation to flavour curries, for sauces, and to gibe aroma to confectionary, especially wattalapam, a typical Malay egg pudding.

Pepper (Gam Miris):
This punget berry, the earliest spices known to human kind, is used as a substitute for red-hot chillies. The world famous soup Mullingatawny (Tamil pepper water) is made from this spice.

Cloves (Karabu Nati):
One of the best known of all spices, but also one of the most difficult to use because of their pungency, cloves are uses in many types of curry and confectionery.

Coriander (Kottamalli):
Coriander is a basic ingredient used daily in Sri Lanky to add flavors to curries. Normally only the seeds are used, which are usually roasted before being ground.

Turmeric (Kaha):
Turmeric, which is often confused with saffron, is used as a condiment in curries. A little turmeric and salt are all that is necessary to preserve fish and meat.

Fenugreek (Uluhal):
Fenugreek, which has a rather unpleasant scent and a bitter taste, is used to flavour and give the necessary binding or thickening effect to curries.

Sweet-cumin (Maduru):
This spice is used in the preparation of curry powder together with coriander and cumin, and also as flavouring for sweet dishes and alcoholic liqueurs.

Cummin (Suduru):
Cummin, which has a remarkable pungent and aromatic flavor, is one of the ingredients of curry powder together with sweet-cummin and coriander.

Curry Leaves (Karapincha):
Cury leaves are generally used fresh in most rice and Curry dishes, giving a very distinctive flavor and fragrance.

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